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Spiderwire Zilla Braid Review

Spiderwire has come out with a new line called Spiderwire Zilla Braid that is designed to handle MONSTER fish.

Spiderwire products are some of the most reliable fishing lines available, and they have a full smattering of braid, fluoro, and mono lines. The Zilla braid is relatively new, and has been met with warm reception.

Spiderwire Zilla Braid Review

This line is a beast, and its offered from 20 lb to 100 lb tests to handle all those huge fish you plan on catching. The spool sizes range from 150 yards all the way up to 1500 yards.

The unique thing about creating a line specifically designed for large fish, is that you can avoid some of the pitfalls that larger fish create, while still retaining the benefits of a standard braided line.

One of the main selling points of Zilla braid is its shock resistance. Most braided lines have approximately 2-3% stretch in them, which is generally a good thing. You get instant hook sets and great sensitivity. However, where this becomes an issue is when you have sudden large increases in tension, like a large fish thrashing at the end of your line. A 20 lb fish can generate much more weight than that at the end of your line when its hooked up, and its these sudden “shocks” that give a standard braid problems. Without any forgiveness, pushing a line over its test limit will typically lead to lost fish.

The standard go to then, is to use a heavier line which means a larger diameter – not necessarily the best solution. Now, with Spiderwire Zilla Braid, you have a braided line that maintains all of those things you love about braid, but also gives you a bit of play for when you hook into a huge fish. Its the best of both worlds.

When To Use Spiderwire Zilla Braid

This line is not designed to be your typical every day fishing line. This line is for people who are out looking for huge fish. Period. Whether thats Pike, Musky, big Catfish, big Okeechobee bass, or any large saltwater species, Zilla braid is going to get the job done for you.

Also, the fact that its a braided line means you still get that uber sensitivity, so a lot of people use this line when they are doing some deep water jigging. It handles the depth well and you will see that you are able to maintain a healthy hook up ratio, and not have to worry about not landing that big fish.

If you are out looking for those big monsters, Spiderwire Zilla braid is a must. Its not worth risking NOT having this line tied one because when you hook into one of those large fish, you don’t want to have to worry about your line not being up to the challenge. Stick with Zilla braid, its a monster.

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