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Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate Mono Review

Our trusty friends over at Spiderwire have released the Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate Mono which, as its name implies, is designed for optimal casting ability.

Spiderwire is a super trusted brand, and their most well known for their braided lines, but they also have quality mono lines for those needing it.

Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate Mono Review

Spiderwire offers this line in tests ranging from 4 lbs up to 20 lbs and is typically offered in a 330 yd spool. Spiderwire claims that this line is 33% stronger than any other comparable nylon mono out there. They label it as a bridge between nylon and superline giving you sensitivity and strength in a small diameter line.

As with all mono lines, you will get some stretch with this line, but again, Spiderwire claims to have an unprecedented 15% stretch which retains all the sensitivity you could want and makes sure you feel confident in your hook sets.

One of the interesting things about this line is that it is optimized for use with baitcast reels. This is the main reason why I use this line as my go to for top water fishing. It is still very castable with low memory so using it on a spinning reel is no problem, but I would probably use the Spiderwire EZ Mono if I was spooling on a spinning reel. Just my personal preference.

Of course, one of the great things about most mono lines is that they are extremely affordable. A spool of this line will typically be under $20, which is great. Its very durable so you can expect decent life out of it. I’ve found this line to have much less memory than other lines, but as a rule of thumb, I always treat my lines with Real Magic as I’ve found it extends the life of the line, and also helps control memory.

When to Use Spiderwire Ultracast

Most people are going to be using this line in one of 2 situations. The first is obviously if you are looking to do some light line fishing for various reasons. I know that this line is popular with kayak fisherman and the like who are typically throwing light lines. I’ve even heard some customers claim that they were able to land 9 lb channel cats on this line in 4 lb test.

The other reason, which is where I use it, is for throwing topwater on a baitcaster. Using mono is a must if you are fishing topwater as the line floats. Using non-floating line will impair the action on your lure, so mono is the way to go. Some mono lines give me fits with a baitcaster but I haven’t had any issues with this one, I supposed because its specifically designed for it.

If you have used any Spiderwire products before, you know that they are great so if you are in need of a good mono line, you can go wrong with the Spiderwire Ultracast Ultimate Mono.

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