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Spiderwire Ultracast Fluorobraid Review

Spiderwire has recently released a new addition to its lineup of braided products with its Ultracast Fluorobraid. This line is completely revolutionary in my opinion, and its something I’ve never seen done by any other line manufacturers out there.

Spiderwire Ultracast Fluorobraid Review

This line is offered in tests ranging from 10 lbs to 80 lbs and in spool sizes from 125 yds to 1500 yds. Ultracast Fluorobraid is a combination of braided line and standard fluorocarbon. What you get out of it is the best of both worlds – the strength and reliability of braided line with the sinking properties of a fluorocarbon. The braided portion of this line is made up of Spiderwire’s standard Dyneema fibers, the strongest fibers in the world. It is blended with their Gore fluorocarbon for a deadly combination. As with all of their superlines, the Spiderwire lineup casts extremely well and I find the line to be much “rounder” than some other lines. I’ve heard this is due to the compact, small nature of their fibers but all I know is that it makes it easy to handle on the reel. The sinking properties of this line are what really make it interesting. Standard braid floats..like a cork. And thats not necessarily a bad thing as there are plenty of times where we want that floating line like when we are fishing topwater, frogs, or even a spoon. However, there are times when a sinking line is really beneficial. An example might be when we are fishing weightless soft plastics. We want that line to be able to keep our bait under the water without having to tie on a weight. Some other situations where this line would excel would be fishing crankbaits, spinner baits, or even flipping heavy cover when we want our bait to get down quickly.

Another situation where this line could be beneficial is when you are fishing the bottom in strong wind. With normal braided lines, strong wind can take your lures for a ride which makes it extremely annoying to keep that bait in the strike zone for any lengthy period of time. This line, however, sinks below the surface of the water quickly which means that wind becomes much less of a factor. Definitely a good thing. All in all, I think this is a really innovative line from Spiderwire. I think it will be especially helpful for those throwing a lot of crankbaits and spinner baits who are looking for that extra bit of strength, but still want the line to sink like  a normal fluoro. As always, if this is something that you think you will be using often, you can save yourself a lot of money by buying larger spools as opposed to over paying for the small, 125 yd spools.

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