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Spiderwire Stealth Braid Fishing Line Review

Braided fishing lines are becoming more and more popular because of their thin diameters and high test limits. One of the most popular brands is the Spiderwire Stealth Braid.

Spiderwire has become of the most trusted and reputable brands in fishing today. They have a variety of lines and styles and are typically one of the go to brands out on the big tours. The Spiderwire pro team includes big names like Mike Iaconelli, Skeet Reese, Bobby Lane, and Jason Quinn.

Spiderwire Stealth Braid

The Spiderwire Stealth Braid is a superline sold in spools of 125 yds up to 3,000 yds. The line is designed to be super smooth and super quiet, hence the stealth name. Its made with pressure treated microfibers which help to create the smooth feeling allowing you to cast further and the letting the line slip through your guides with minimal resistance. You can buy Spiderwire Stealth Braid anywhere from 6 lb test all the way up to 100 lb test.

One of the biggest complaints that people typically have about braided line is that tends to have a “square” profile which makes the line hard to handle. Often times, it digs into your spool on the reel and gets slowed by your guides. Fortunately, the stealth braid by Spiderwire does not have this issue as it has an extremely round profile.

The line is also extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear with breaking. A lot of customers report using the line for extended periods of time without changing line or experiencing any breaks.

The long life of braided lines helps to justify the price difference. Braided lines are often more expensive than other types of line, but what you will find is that you need to change line much less often.

When To Use This Fishing Line

This line is great for any time you are fishing heavy cover or are in need of a high test line. I find that I am using this line a lot when I am pitching a jig into grass or timber – I need to be able to get the fish out quickly, and the line needs to be able to take a beating.

Also, in these types of situations, I need a line that can handle some weight. These lines are extremely strong, and when I am flipping, I am typically throwing 50 lb test. But with braided line like this, 50 lb test line has a diameter similar to that of a 10-20 lb test flouro or mono line. This makes it hard for the fish to see, and makes it much more workable. It handles weight, small diameter, and is durable – cant ask for any more than that.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a great fishing line. I’ve used it in a lot of different situations and its performed every time. You can tell by all of the customer reviews that most customers are quite pleased also. Its important to note that some customers have reported issues with the 6lb test line not being durable enough, or experiencing random breaks. I have never used braided line with that light of a test, so I can’t speak from experience, but just note that it appears to be isolated to the lighter lines.

If you are in the market for a braided line, Spiderwire Stealth Braid is a great choice.

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