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Spiderwire EZ Mono Review

If you are looking for a solid all around dependable monofilament line, Spiderwire EZ Mono is a great choice.

I use a LOT of Spiderwire lines myself, including their braid, fluoro, and mono lines. The reason is that I trust the quality of their products, and quality is what they do best.

Spiderwire EZ Mono Review

Spiderwire offers this line from as low as 4 lb test, all the way up to 20 lb test. Its usually offered in a 220 yard spool, and its extremely affordable which is always nice.

This line is probably one of the most popular basic mono lines out there. Many fisherman swear by its reliability and strength. Spiderwire claims that it has significantly less stretch than other mono lines which means you get better sensitivity, and a better hookup ratio.

As with other Spiderwire mono lines, customers say that this line is very manageable, and has very little line memory so that you can avoid spooling and snagging issues. As a precaution, I always treat my lines with Real Magicto help improve line life as well as decrease line memory. This line also casts very well which means your lures get where you want them to go which is always nice.

When To Use Spiderwire EZ Mono

This line is quite flexible and there are countless different situations where this line would be a good fit. Whether you are throwing light line and doing some finesse fishing, or pulling a spook on topwater, this line will serve you well.

Personally, I prefer to use this line on my spinning reels if I am doing some sort of finesse fishing on light lb test. For my topwater applications, I usually am throwing on a baitcaster, and prefer to use the Spiderwire Ultracast as its specifically designed to be cast on a baitcaster. This isn’t a huge deal breaker, but if you have the opportunity and can use both lines, then I definitely recommend it.

Its also important to note that there are a few select customers that have had issues with this line snapping. Specifically, customers have had issues with the 17 lb test version, but it could have been for a number of different reasons including knot, line age, wear/tear, etc. Nonetheless, its important that you understand that there have been certain issues reported with this line.

All in all, Spiderwire EZ Mono is a good all around monofilament that won’t break the bank.

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