Once you have read our fishing line reviews you may be wondering whether we have any advice on getting the best fishing rod.

Our guides help you decide on what the best fishing rod for your specific needs are. Whichever kind of fishing you prefer we’re going to give you the full and complete info for whatever fish, conditions and locations you find yourself needing a rod for.

We have analyzed and compared over 150 of the fishing rods available on the market today and in our guides you will find the best for your budget and needs.

Take a look at some of our comparison guides built for whatever budget you have:

Whether you’re a novice or you’ve been fishing for years, we hope that our guides and articles on frequently asked questions can help you get the information you need. If you have any questions please contact us and we’ll help you find out the information you’re looking for.

Best Fishing Rods Under $30

SHIMANO FXS SPINNING FISHING RODMedium5-9ftSpinningFresh Water Fishing5/5
SHIMANO SOLORA SPINNING FISHING RODMedium5-7ftSpinningSaltwater/Fresh Water5/5
PENN MB2050C66 MARINER BOAT FISHING RODMedium-Heavy5ft 6"ConventionalSaltwater5/5

Best Fishing Rods Between $30 – $100

SHIMANO SOJOURN SPINNING FISHING RODMedium-Heavy6-7ftSpinningFresh Water4/5
OKUMA REFLEXIONS GRAPHITE CASTING RODSMedium-Heavy7ftConventionalSaltwater/Fresh Water5/5
DAIWA AIRD FISHING RODMedium-Heavy6ftConventionalSaltwater/Fresh Water4/5

Best Fishing Rods Over $100

LAMIGLAS G-1000 BAITCASTING RODMedium-Heavy8.5ft ConventionalSaltwater/Fresh Water5/5
OKUMA NOMAD TRAVEL SPINNING RODMedium-Heavy7ftSpinningSaltwater/Fresh Water4/5
PFLUEGER ARBOR 1-PIECE RODMedium-Heavy6ft 6"ConventionalSaltwater/Fresh Water5/5
ST. CROIX TIDEMASTER SPINNING FISHING RODMedium7ftSpinningSaltwater/Fresh Water3/5

The Four Fishing Rod Commandments:

Take a look at our four commandments you absolutely must consider before deciding what the best fishing rod is for your own needs.

1. What type of fish do you like to catch?

Typically most people who enjoy fishing don’t venture far from home for most of their fishing trips. This means that you may be close to a lake, river or ocean and obviously the types of fish are going to vary accordingly. It helps if you know in advance what kind of fish are nearest to you so you can pick the right rod for your needs. Our pro tip is to focus on one type of fish at a time, learn as much as you can about them and this will help you catch them much more effectively since you’ll know the right rod, line and bait to use.

2. What rod features / parts do you need?

What features do you need? It’s a good question to ask yourself. Understanding what tackle you need is crucial for successful and frustration free fishing. If you want to go after larger fish then you will need a baitcaster reel. If you need a short rod it’s most likely because you’re targeting fish that will give you a fight.

3. What fishing do you do?

Do you fish by the lakeside with a chair and a tent in tow? Perhaps you fish from your local pier, or from the beach. Whatever type of fishing you do require different tackle. The acidity of the open ocean isn’t suitable for fresh water rods and vice versa. Do your research here and it’ll save you money and frustration.

4. What’s your budget?

In general your budget will decide what rod and tackle you can ultimately afford. However we believe that your budget should also vary based on how often you plan on fishing.

If you don’t plan on fishing regularly it makes sense to not spend thousands on all your tackle. However if you plan on going regularly then we recommend spending an amount of money that saves you in the long run by not having to replace or repair damaged and broken tackle.

You can buy a good beginners rod for less than $30.00 to get used to what you’re doing, this means that the sport and loved hobby is more accessible to newcomers today than ever before. No matter what your budget there’s something for everyone – as we said though it’s more sensible to define your budget based on fishing frequency.


Choosing The Best Fishing Rod For You:

Ultimately choosing the best fishing rod for you takes a little bit of research and planning.

Between all of our guides we suggest that the next thing to do is take a look at our fishing rod reviews themselves once you’ve identified what the best fishing rod for you is to get a little more detailed information about each on your shortlist.