Best Fishing Line for Trout Fishing

Trout fishing requires attention to detail to get the job done. Trout are some of the most finicky freshwater fish out there. They have great vision, and are easy to spook which means line choice is one of the most critical (and often underrated) aspects of trout fishing.

For the purposes of this discussion, I am assuming that you are fishing a standard rod and reel. Fly fishing is its own discussion all together which we won’t get into in this article.

Mono, Fluoro, or Braid?

When fishing for trout, this is an easy decision.

As I mentioned, trout have very good eyesight, and a visible line is a no go. That means that braided line is immediately out. Even with its small diameter, to a trout, it looks like a piece of rope.

Mono can work in some instances, but you would really be limited to the 4 lb test range and wouldn’t be able to go much higher. If you are fishing for small trout then that would be fine, but if you are looking for that 20″ trout, you are going to need to handle a bit more weight.

That leaves us with fluorocarbon, the perfect fit for trout fishing. Its strong, resistant to nicks and dings, and its nearly invisible. If you are a huge fan of braid, and you MUST use it, then make sure that you use a fluoro leader. Tie the two lines together using a double uni knot and you are good to go.

Berkley Vanish: The Best Trout Fishing Line

Berkley Vanish is a great line for trout fishing. The 4 or 6 lb versions are perfect go to lines and are extremely strong.  I would feel comfortable going all the way up to 10 lb line if it was needed because this line is practically invisible.

The line is sold in 250 yd spools, and spans from 2 lb to 20 lb test. It is 100% fluorocarbon which is what helps make it so clear. Fluoro refracts light similar to water which means fish can’t see it.  Unlike some other fluorocarbons, it is quite soft which makes it easy to cast, and doesn’t give you any problems when spooling on spinning reels. As always, I recommend you work the line with a bit of Reel Magic to reduce the memory of the line.

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Final Thoughts

Fishing for trout is tricky business, but with Berkley Vanish on your reels, you’ve got a fighting chance.

If you haven’t used a fluoro line before when trout fishing, I suggest you give it a shot. Fish it in your go to spot alongside your mono or braid line and I guarantee that you will catch more fish, just because of the line change alone.

Good luck out there, tight lines.

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