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Berkley Fireline Fused Original Fishing Line Review

Berkley Fireline is one of the most popular braided fishing lines out there, and its no surprise as Berkley has been putting out quality products for years. Fisherman (and jewelry makers!) rate this as one of the best superlines out there.

Berkley Fireline Fused Original Review

Berkley Fireline is made up of multiple gel-spun polyethylene microfibers which makes the line 3 to 4 times stronger than other types of line (mono, etc) with an equal diameter. As with most braided lines, Fireline has little to no stretch giving you consistent hookups.

The line is sold in just about any combination of test and spool size you could want, ranging from as low as 4 lb test up to 30 lb test. Spool sizes range from 125 yds up to 3000 yds.

One common issue with using superlines like this one is that you can experience some slippage on the spool. I always recommend that you back your spool with mono before tying on your braid. Not only will this prevent the slipping problems, but it will save you money by reducing the amount of braid you need to fill your spool. Since Fireline has a reputation for a long life, you shouldn’t need to replace the line very often. Lastly, make sure you use a double uni knot when connecting the mono to the braid. This knot has a low profile and great knot strength.

When To Use Berkley Fireline

Customers have been able to use this line in a variety of situations. One of the great things that customers love is the fact that this line casts extremely well. That means whether you are throwing this on a spinning reel or baitcaster, you won’t have any difficulty getting your lures where you want them. With the flexibility of using this line on both spinning reels and baitcasters, you can use it in a variety of different fishing situations.

For example, if you are throwing it on a spinning reel, I would assume you might be doing some sort of finesse fishing. In situations like this, I would recommend tying on a fluorocarbon leader.  Fluorocarbon is nearly invisible, and will make sure that those finicky fish don’t see your line. This is an absolute necessity if you are fishing for trout with a spinning reel – no questions asked. Trout have exceptional eyesight and get spooked easily, so you need to take every precaution to make sure they don’t see your line.

If you are throwing a baitcaster, you can use this with just about any baits or lures. Tying on a leader is up to you, and will probably depend on what kind of fishing you are doing. I find that most of the time when I am reaching for a line like this, its because I’m working plastics into heavy cover, and in a case like that, I’m not tying on a leader. I need the strength and no-stretch of the braid to pull that fish through all the cover.

Like I said, you can use this line in so many situations. Its extremely popular for saltwater fisherman as well because it tends to last much longer than other braided lines and hold its color as well.

No matter what type of fishing you are doing, Berkley Fireline Fused Original is a great line choice.

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